Commission Info

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Quick Intro

Hello! I'm Asher or Ash. I'm a 14 year old artist & picture/video editor. I have commissions open for Amazon Wishlist items, Identity V Wishlist items, and soon I will have a Venmo or another site along the lines open! Please take some time to read my rules and pricing, social medias will be linked and shares are always appreciated!

Art Prices/Values

Here, I will show some examples of my art and what I would value them as. Lowest value will be traditionally drawn portrait, highest value will be a complete full body digital drawing! All prices are negotiable :)

Edit Prices/Values

Unfortunately, I only have one example for the moment. Price/value is based on certain specifications or difficulty of request!

$15 starting price / S costume

My Rules

I will only be sharing things I won't draw because i'm very flexible with what I will

Animals and fursonas: I have nothing against either however I need to practice drawing both more! Once I get better i will definitely be open to drawing them.Disrespectful/inappropriate content: I won't draw anything racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist, etc. simple things that are wrong and rude will not be drawn.Anything I'm uncomfortable with: There's very little that I am but things such as cannibalism, vomit, and some more I won't draw. If your request contains something I'm not comfortable with, I will let you know and try to negotiate with you if possible!


E-Mail: [email protected]


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